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Vinoplastic Company is a pioneer in the field of production of UPVC cold bent electrical pipes

Has standards 21-11215 and 11105
Introducing cold bend electrical UPVC pipes of Vinoplastic

Cold bend electrical UPVC pipes of Vinoplastic are produced due to ISIRI, building national regulation (clause 13 of building engineering system) and issue 110.

With attention to the continual use of the Polyamid, Polyethylene and other non-standard pipes who ignited by the fire in the constructions and clear prohibition from building national system in clause 13-7-3-2-2 page 90 of clause 13 about not using these pipes, it’s hoped to prevent using of these pipes, just because of being cheaper, by high insight and owner’s union, employers, constructors, contractors, executers and supervising engineers and the residents be able to profited by the following multiple advantages of cold bend electrical UPVC pipes as below.

The Features of Vinoplastic cold bend electrical UPVC pipes

1.Various color for identification and segregation of electric, communication, network, fire alarm and …

2.Resistance to flame spread (self-extinguishing property)

3.Smoot movement in the pipe because of smoot and glossy surface

4.Economic efficiency

5.Very high resistant to impact

6.Resistance to abrasion/friction

7.Ability to bend by spring

8.Long term tensile strength

9.Resistance to corrosion

10.High strength, low weight

11.High chemical resistance

12.High elasticity Module

13.High temperature resistance

14.No need to elbow

Advantages of Vinoplastic’s cold bend UPVC pipes related to steel pipes:

• No need to fittings such as elbow

• High installation and assembling speed

• High life (50 to 100 years)

• Welding of fittings by PVC glue in lowest time and cost

• No need to painting

• Being insulate and no electricity transfer

• Easy transportation, storage and installation

• Bend ability by spring easily and high speed

• Very lower price (about 3 to 5 times)

• Light weight, high strength

• Chemical resistance (no corrosion and rusting)

• Resistance to humidity

Disadvantages of metal pipes:

1.High pressure reduction (not having smooth internal surface of pipes) and constraint to elect larger diameter pipes

2.Not easy shaping and un-flexibility (need many fittings for bending)

3.Corrosion from inside and outside (against Oxygen and soil salts)

4.High thermal conductivity (wasting energy)

5.High weight (hard installation and transportation)

6.Corrosion over time in effect of humidity

7.High sedimentation (attracting water salts)

8.Low life time (10 to 12 years)

9.High price of metal pipes

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