Hydraulic industry

Urban and rural Sewage and drinking water pipes

In the past the classic material such as wood, clay, iron and etc. were used in transportation and distribution of water and waste water. But passing the time and revealing the problems of the produced pipes from one side and technology development from the other side caused the production of polymer pipes including UPVC. These pipes could replace classic pipes very fast because of their resistance to chemical materials and corrosion.

Generally the hydraulic pipes are classified to two great and separate groups called pressure pipes and sewage pipes that approximately are used in all four fields of Vinoplastic’s activities.

Activity Areas

The Hydraulic industy unit of Vinoplastic is active in four areas. Regional water companies, industrial towns company, water and waste water company, companies in oil and petrochemical area. This unit has a major role in supplying pipe and fittings for all these areas. One of the most important activity of this unit is exporting pipe and fittings to all neighbor countries and CIS countries.

Industrial towns

The increase of industry share in gross domestic production (GDP) emphasizes on small industries located in industrial towns. The hydraulic unit of Vinoplastic company has an important rule at improvement of labor of country’s small industries by developing and completing all the required infrastructures of industries in industrial towns and zones.

Water and waste water companies

The water and waste water companies are the biggest environmental projects executers in any counties and also in Iran. Producing Abfa special pipe and fittings for construction of the most modern sewage facilities, improvement of current technologies in network creation and development, transferring lines and refinery construction and effort on preventing environmental pollutions.


Vinoplastic’s hydraulic unit has been able to bring up himself as a key member in macro policies and efficiency of agriculture industry, by his 40 years of working experience. This unit is one of the main producer and suppliers of UPVC pipes and fittings for transferring water in the field of agriculture and subsidiaries.

Regional water companies

The regional water companies have duty to manage supply, transfer and distribute required water in various sections including drinking water, agricultural industry, environment circumstance. In this line, Vinoplastic’s hydraulic unit has closely cooperation with regional water companies to produce and .supply water network pipes and fittings.

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