Sayno profile

Vinoplastics Company, a manufacturer of specialized UPVC profiles
Sayno , UPVC ceiling profile

Vinoplastic has added Sayno to his products’ basket by innovation and technology and reliance to support of four decades experience in UPVC field. One of the usages of this UPVC ceiling profile is parking roof which has many advantages compared to the other kinds of these roofs like Iranite, Pottery and asbestos-cement. The governmental and private organizations and different strata of people have experienced Sayno and have been full satisfied.

Sayno ceiling profile is 20 cm width and different lengths usable for parking roofs, Taxi and bus terminal roofs, public canopies, outdoor swimming pools and …. And has the following physical and general properties:

  1. Easy installation, very low
  2. Suitable life time
  3. Very low expansion and contraction index
  4. Resistance to breakage and impact
  1. High external load bearing
  2. Water absorbing resistance
  3. Anti UV of sunshine
  4. Electrical and thermal resistance
پروفیل سقفی
Design engineering

The engineering technics considered in Sayno design has caused incredible quality and glossy of the final product. Due to the lake of fixing screws to the environment, indeed to visual beauty, has caused prevention to corrosion of screws in humid environment. The existing grooves in joining part of the profiles indeed more strength, protects Sayno in bad weathers like cold and freezing.

Sayno projects
پروفیل سقفی
پروفیل ساینو
پروفیل سقفی ساینو
پروفیل ساینو
پروفیل pvc
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