Supervino pipe and fittings

Protection of funds in building projects, public buildings and high-level projects and totally in all conditions of various building projects is important and preserving these funds is very serious for the managers. So attention to the condition of doing mechanical facilities as one of the infrastructures of various buildings, can effect on economy and efficiency of projects.

Vinoplastic Co in line with his social duty for protecting these sources and optimization of  the terms of implementation of facilities by helping of more than 40 years of experience in various facility fields, has started producing Supervino UPVC pipe and fittings, which are used and operated in many projects so far.

Uses of Supervino pipe and fittings
  1. 1. Mass production projects
  2. 2. Public projects, residences, hotels
  3. 3. Risers for rain water in all building projects
  4. 4. Hospital projects, clinics and medical buildings
  5. 5. High-rise projects and the number of floors more than 15 floors
Specification of Supervino pipe and fittings:

These pipe and fittings are produced in white color using special exclusive specifications which are got from 40-year experience of Vinoplastic Co. in the technology. The formulation is due to standard 13361 and usable in building sewage due to controlled dimensioning of standard ISIRI 9119. One of the obvious properties of these pipe and fittings is internal pressure sustaining (in case of eclipse in sewage line) simultaneous to external pressure (SN4) sustaining. These pipe and fittings with special production technology, have very high impact resistance comparing to all products in the market and even higher than Vinoplastic products, which despite to many irregular workshops and unsuitable terms of storage and keeping in most building projects can protect funds and investments.

One of the main subjects in modern clauses of building sewage piping is reducing the noise for which Supervino pipe and fittings by using silent fastenings produced in the company (hanging, regulating, based, trailed and single screw fastenings) has helped obviously in this field and brought comfort and trust and peace of mind by elimination all needs in the building.

One of the other important subjects and exclusive specifications in Supervino pipe and fittings is preventing from spread of flame in case of firing of the building without any extra instrument (fire ring, …) which is made by having highest standard level of E1 in confrontation to the fire.

50% increase in speed of projects implementation, reduce of human fault, use of power seal fittings having polymer welding, using of Muffe as expansion and contraction protector, observance of suitable slope due to clause 16 standards are all exclusive characters of these pipe and fittings.

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