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Vinoplastic pipe and fittings with Vinohydropool brand

These pipe and fittings are usable in pools, sauna, Jacuzzi, water parks, powerhouses and RO equipment and etc., from 20mm up to 315mm and pressure holding 10 atm. To 20 atm. In gray color.

Huge benefits of UPVC pipes compared to metal pipes and the other polymer pipes caused these pipes to achieve a major share in the global and domestic market of piping systems of pools and refineries. In this line, Vinoplastic company by the help of skilled people and use of European advanced machinery succeeded to produce UPVC pressure pipes with vinohydropool brand.

Vinohydropool pipe and fittings are produced from 16mm to 315 mm and pressure holding 10 atm. To 20 atm. These pipes are in 5-meter pieces which up to 160 mm pieces are put in special covers to be protected and also easier transportation.

Vinohydropool pipe and fittings are produced due to the latest international and national standards EN 1452, DIN8062 and ISIRI 13361.

Vinohydropool application

• Transfer of drinking water and chemicals

• Industrial water refinery equipment (RO)

• Pool and Jacuzzi facilities

• Urban refineries

• Industrial greenhouses

• Oil and petrochemical

Types of pool pipes
Advantages of using Vinohydropool pipes:

→ Very high chemical resistance to disinfectants (such as Chlorine, etc.) and chemicals

→ Resistant to corrosion and sediment accumulation

→ Resistant to fire and ignition

→ Smooth and shiny surface (because of low roughness index)

→ Having low wall thickness compared to the other pipes (lower weight and higher crossing fluid)

→ Ability to be installed in pool and Jacuzzi powerhouses

→ High variety in fittings

→ Perfect and trustable joints seals

→ High pressure bearing up to 20 bar

→ Various pipes sizes

→ Fast and easy installation

→ No need to skilled labors and special tools for installing and execution

→ Stable and high life period

→ Recyclable

→ More cost-effective than traditional materials

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