Saino ceiling profile

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Saino ceiling profile

With a long experience in the production of UPVC products, Vinoplastik company has provided customers with products that can prove their efficiency well. The engineering techniques used in the design of Sino roof profiles provide the maximum protection for your vehicles. Also, the transparent design of this product can give a special beauty to the surrounding environment.

Saino roof profile is designed in such a way that the fixing screws will not face the problem of rust in wet conditions due to their distance from the environment. Also, the grooves used in the connection area of ​​the profiles make the product stronger and prevent sinus damage during cold and frost.

Easy to install, very light

High external load bearing

Suitable lifespan

Lack of water absorption

Lack of water absorption


Resistance to failure and impact

Thermal and electrical insulation

Sino applications

The engineering techniques considered in Sino design have made the final product of unparalleled quality and transparency. Due to the lack of proximity of the fixing screws to the environment, in addition to creating a beautiful appearance, it has prevented the screws from rusting in humid environments. The grooves in the joint area of the profiles, in addition to providing more strength, prevent damage to the sinus in bad weather conditions such as cold and frost.

The benefits of Saino

Vinoplastics Company produces products such as Sino using first-class UPVC, which is light in weight and the installation process is as easy as possible. Also, these products have a very long lifespan and in this respect are considered cost-effective options.

On the other hand, sunlight and the resulting heat can easily damage the car’s paint, dashboard and upholstery. Ultraviolet rays in the sun will have a profound effect on the structure of various surfaces and in some cases can cause them to crack.

Other advantages of Saino roof profiles are:

Very high impact and fracture resistance
Low coefficient of expansion and contraction
Complete impermeability to water and moisture
Extraordinary insulation against heat and electric current
Available in different lengths and widths for different parking lots