Unbreakable pipe

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Unbreakable pipe

Production of durable and long-lasting materials has become a necessity in all industries. Because consumers are always looking for products that they can use for many years. The pipe industry is no exception. Manufacturers active in this field spend a lot of money on their research and development to achieve a product called unbreakable pipe or impact-resistant pipe. Plumbing for residential, office or industrial buildings is often considered a long-term project. Because many of their lines are buried in inaccessible places such as the ceiling, basement or behind a layer of plaster and concrete walls. This doubles the need to use impact-resistant pipe. For example, the power pipe is often hidden behind a wall, and the Vino Hydropole pipe is placed in a closed system that makes it much more difficult to access. In this article, we have reviewed the types of unbreakable pipes. At the same time, we will examine the advantages and disadvantages of each so that you can make an informed decision about purchasing them.

Types of unbreakable pipes

Unbreakable pipes are generally divided into two categories: metal pipes and plastic pipes. Metal pipes include steel and cast iron, and plastic pipes include pvc pipes and their two derivatives, CPVC and UPVC pipes. Each of these pipes is selected depending on the needs, price and application to have the best performance in the area under use.

Unbreakable steel pipe

Steel has been used for many decades as one of the main materials in the construction of unbreakable pipes. These pipes can withstand several tons of internal pressure. For this reason, they were very popular among the owners of various industries. Also, the length of the steel pipes was very long, which reduced the need for different joints to join them together. On the other hand, steel pipes are very heavy and their transportation is very difficult.

Unbreakable cast iron pipe

Cast iron can probably be considered as the most efficient unbreakable pipe in recent years. The use of cast iron in the construction of building sewage pipes as well as water pipes was very common in the past. Most urban and rural pipelines were built using this material. Unbreakable cast iron pipes are now more commonly used in less developed areas, and developed countries are more likely to use items such as PVC pipes.

But cast iron pipes, despite all their advantages, also have disadvantages. The biggest problem with cast iron is its extreme weight. It should be noted that a large part of the costs associated with the installation and operation of pipelines are related to their transportation, and we are all looking for ways to reduce costs. Therefore, using this type of unbreakable pipe does not seem cost-effective at the moment.

Unbreakable PVC pipe

There are two common types of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipes on the market: PVC 40 and PVC 80. PVC wall thickness is 80 thicker and it has higher resistance and strength against pressure and impact. PVC 40 is available in more stores than any other item. This product is suitable for drainage, extensive irrigation and other cold water systems and can withstand severe pressures.

When buying a pipe, pay attention to the maximum pressure they can bear, which is usually written on the pipe. PVC pipe can usually withstand a pressure of 220 PSI without any problems. Of course, you should always check the manufacturer’s markings on the pipe to be sure. The advantage that distinguishes PVC pipes from metal pipes is their low weight and very reasonable price. These pipes are transported as easily as possible and all kinds of pipes and fittings are available for them.

PVC pipe

Chlorinated PVC pipe (CPVC) is optimized for use at high temperatures. This tube can easily withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius. Therefore, it is very suitable for use as a pool and Jacuzzi pipe. However, CPVC pipes are slightly more expensive than other plastic pipes and are therefore not recommended for large-scale use.

Unbreakable PVC pipe

UPVC pipe can certainly be considered as the most suitable type of pipe for use in construction projects, building sewage piping and other cases. These pipes are highly resistant to pressure and temperature. They also have a low roughness coefficient so that liquids and fluids can move easily inside them.

The long service life of PVC pipes has led manufacturers to use them to make large size pipes. Another application of UPVC is pressure pipes (pressurized) that can be used in different areas. It is worth noting that the price of these pipes is lower than other models and they are affordable for all types of small and large projects.

Buy unbreakable pipes

As mentioned earlier, pipes made of PVC are more suitable for different conditions. They also have a very long lifespan (more than 50) years. Keep in mind that maintenance of pipelines will be very time consuming and expensive at the same time. It is better to take the necessary measures to prevent this from the beginning.

Vinoplastics is now recognized as one of the largest manufacturers of UPVC products in the Middle East. This company has provided its consulting services for free to all dear compatriots so that after considering possible options, they can choose the best product suitable for their project.