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Quality Control

Vinoplastic company indeed to get Iran National Standard certificate in different applications of UPVC pipe and fittings industry (building, industrial, electricity, communication, water and waste water) and having quality management system ISI9001:2015 and precise control on manufactured products by help of expert employee and equipped laboratory, has succeeded to gain verification of competency certificate ISO IEC 17025 from national verification of competency center and also license of Iran Standard national institute as laboratory partner and technical certificates of road, housing and urbanization research center. In quality control department, the quality control tests are done on the raw materials and products by the most updated national and international standards.

Vinoplastic’s certificates and confirmations are as follows:

  • Laboratory Certificates
    1.  Verification of Competency ISO 17025 from national verification of competency center

    2.  Laboratory Partner certificate from Iran Standard National Organization

  • Integrated Management System IMS certificates
    1.   Quality management System: ISO 9001

    2.   Environment Management system: ISO 14001

    3.  Occupational safety and health system: ISO 4501

  • Certificates of Road, Housing and Urbanization Center
    1.   Technical Certificate of building waste water pipe

    2.   Technical Certificate of under pressure drinking water pipes

  • Certificates to use Iran National Standard both mandatory and incentive
    1.  ISIRI 13361-2: Piping Systems for water supply and waste water high pressure pipes

    2.  ISIRI 13361-3: Piping Systems for water supply and waste water high pressure fittings

    3.  ISIRI 11105: Un-plasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride (UPVC)pipe and fittings special for passing electrical and communication cables

    4.  INSO 9118-1: Piping Systems for waste water and gravity drainage applications

    5.  INSO 9119-1: Piping Systems for Discharge of sewage and effluent of the building application

    6.  ISIRI 12142-1: Piping Systems for Rain Water for outdoor and gutter application

    7.  INSO 11215-21: Un-plasticized Protecting Pipe Systems for management and protection of cable

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