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Research and Development Vinoplasty

Vinoplastic company as one of the largest UPVC pipe and fittings producer companies in building industry, has established a research and development department holding the license of Industry, Mine and Trade ministry at 2008. Vinoplastic’s research and development department tries to achieve the following goals by science research and relation with university centers:

  1. improvement and development on new formulation
  2. continual improvement on product quality and lowing costs simultaneously to increase customer satisfaction
  3. producing new products in line of global markets
  4. upgrading employees’ knowledge, awareness and skills by holding training courses

The research and development department as one of the main parts of the company, has nailed many goals since established:

• production of OPVC pipes for the first time in Iran according to national and international standards (succeed to achieve standard certificate from England)

• achieving technical knowledge and skill to produce large pipes (1200 mm) in Iran and middle-east.

• Design and improvement of fittings strength produced by Vinoplastic

• Increase the variety of products including pipe and fittings

• Improvement on sealing of pipe and fitting process by new design of O-rings

• Holding uninterrupted courses for employees in line of the latest global updates in UPVC pipe industry

• Preparation and editing databank for raw material, production process and equipment, products technical datasheet, national and international standards

Aligned to effort to gain the goals and policy of the company, the research and development department has hold many different courses regarding recognition and introducing UPVC pipe and fittings specification and comparing them to the other polymer an metal pipes, correct and principal methods of installation and execute of pipe and fittings according to the updated national and international standards, familiarity to principals and clauses of building national regulations for different groups and guilds including consultant engineers and designers, project supervisors, governmental experts and managers and also installers and contractors.

This department by holding seminars and presenting articles also tries to help improving UPVC pipe and fittings industry in county, by increasing knowledge and awareness of produces and users.

It’s worth mentioning that Vinoplastic’s research and development department is ready for full cooperation and resolve of scientific and technical requires of customers in production, installation, execute and product quality.

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