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Sewage pipes and fittings of the building by POWER SEAL method of Vinoplastic Company

Vinoplastic’s power sealed pipes and fittings for use in building waste water are fittings with coupling ends whose one of advantages is polymeric welding. Vinoplastic Co. is the producer of UPVC pipes and fittings on sizes from 16 up to 1200 mm and pressure holding 4 up to 25 Atm in two styles of solvent cement and Push Fit.

The color of building pipe and fittings are white (standard 9119) which including pretty visualization and also distinguishing its brand.

The produced building waste water pipes have orange guiding line (special for gravity drainage), blue guide line (special for dignified projects and tower construction and also hospitals and public places), yellow guide line (special for studs and roof pipes under direct sunshine), without guide line (special for vent pipes and exhaust fans) and Vinoplastic’s fittings from UPVC are white, the same as building waste water pipes.

The UPVC fittings are packed in boxes in two types of classic and power seal including follow up codes and QR. Both classic type and power seal types are supplied in all consumption sizes from 40 mm to 200 mm including all angles.

The power seal fittings having 2-side female would make building projects needless of heating the pipes and using of connecting coupling is useful for joining two male pipes. Although power seal fittings are having polymer welding character due to clause 16 of Iran Building National Regulation and Issue 303 of Country Engineering System Organization. Regarding the necessity of observation of 2.5 degree of permitted slope in building waste water, the angle of power seal Tees are 87.5°.

One of the main property of building pipe and fittings is accordance to standards ISIRI 9119 and ISIRI 11215.


Muffe is an innovation from Vinoplastic Co., which became as a part for expansion and contraction absorber as a turning point for use in waste water of high building projects and now after more than ten years of its use in different projects is used as a main part to eliminate expansion and contraction which is confirmed by all consultant companies and also Country Building Engineering System Organization.

As a result of very low weight in transportation and ability of telescopic transportation (pipes inside the other), high mechanical and chemical resistance to all kinds of detergents and acids and resistance to sudden outside blows to the pipe and minimum roughness index to prevent high sediments comparing to the other polymer pipes used in building industry and very high variety, the constructors and executors are needless from the other brands.

Some of the essential properties of pipe and fittings for construction according to standard 9119, is their non-ignition and low weight.

Vinoplastic Company is a manufacturer and supplier of pipes and fittings for to the other country's building industry and an exporter of these products to other countries.
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