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Vinoplastic is producer of various Silent Fastenings

Vinoplastic is producer of various Silent Fastenings

Vinoplastic Co. to complete its product basket and presentation of modern solutions in building mechanical installations and attention to inhibit the pipe and fittings in sewage, water supply, etc. and emphasize off clause 16 of building national regulation on using suitable and standard fastenings and bearings has made various kinds of silent fastenings.

Importance of using fastening in sewage pipe and fittings:

Sewage piping should be inhibited properly in all parts of building including the vertical risers and under ceiling to increase life time and efficiency of sewage system.

Advantages of using Vinoplastic’s covered fastenings:

In design of the fastening covers, there’re located some air pillows to eliminate vibration of sewage system during flow of fluids and has significant effect on reducing sewage pipe noise specially in the midnight.

Suitable slope for sewage piping :

  1. The sewage flow in horizontal lines should be suitable and have gravity slope.
  2. The horizontal pipes should have uniform slope to dispose the sewage from sanitary equipment.
  3. Reversal slope is not allowed in horizontal pipes.
  4. The slope of sewage horizontal pipes should be at least 0.7 m/s to supply self-washing of the pipes and no sediment resist.
  5. The slope of horizontal pipes shouldn’t be more than 4 percent.
  6. The minimum slope for horizontal sewage pipes for different nominal diameters of pipes should be as the following table: table of page 87 of clause 16

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